Our Roots

Sigrid Naturals came into being in 2003 after community member Diana Macauley shared traditional knowledge with Sigrid about healing with wild plants and showed her how to make her first Comfrey Healing Salve. Sigrid’s hands-on learning brought on a sense of self-empowerment that she has shared with hundreds of others with the intent to inspire and empower.

Sigrid Naturals is a socially minded business—equally
committed to the economy, the community, and the earth.

Education and Outreach

Education is the key to sustainable businesses. We work with marginalized women, at-risk youth, children and environmental groups. We also work very closely with a variety of non-profit organizations, like the Breast Cancer Support Fund and Environmental Defense. We support both the Causemetics and Just Beautiful Campaigns.


Sigrid Naturals works with the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund and has created a product called Warrior Woman First Aid Healing Salve. From each sale of Warrior Woman, $10 of is donated to the fund.

About Sigrid

Where I grew up in the hills around Killaloe and Wilno, Ontario, we didn’t have electricity. Nature was our entertainment. We swam naked in the pond, ate wild strawberries for breakfast and picked wildflower bouquets to give to anyone who would accept them.
My mother was a part of the back-to-the-land movement and is a fanatical nature lover. Not long after I learned to walk, she introduced me to plantain and its healing properties and the beauty of the Lady Slipper. Of course, it wasn’t all Plantain and Lady Slippers, there were lots of sticks and stones too.
At 23, the craft of cream came to me literally by (car) accident and I fell in love with the hands-on process of digging earthy comfrey roots from the ground and creating a beautiful, healthy product. This gave me a creative and productive outlet to channel my early-twenties angst.
I’m neither an engineer nor a chemist. I am a person of the senses—aromas, textures, colours, and feelings are how I operate. The lessons which have shaped me have not come from institutions or teachers, but from strangers in unlikely places, old friends with wild knowledge and Mother Nature.
My passion to live life and explore has carried me far from home. Plains, trains, automobiles and hitchhiking from Mexico to France and now safe, sound, and happily back home to Wilno.
To be certain—my business is not separate from me, but is, in fact, a creative extension of who I am. Since the start, I haven’t viewed Sigrid Natural Skin Care through a business lense, but as a truthful path to create something whole and beautiful. In my work, I hope to build upon the wonders of this landscape and nurture space which strengthens the community. Sharing the art of wild-crafted salves and creams is at the heart.
Sigrid Geddes, Sigrid Natural Skin Care