About Sigrid Naturals

Sigrid Natural Skin Care in the workshop
Creating a healing salve in the Sigrid Natural’s workshop

Caring for Your Products

Like food, Sigrid’s products have an expiry date. Make sure to enjoy your face and body creams within 12 months of purchase. Herbal salves, ointments and oils should be used within two years of purchase.

Store your products in a cool, dry and dark area and out of direct sunlight.

Because Sigrid Naturals products are handmade, consistency may vary and some separation may occur.

Face Creams: Love your face with goodness fresh from the wild and our gardens and let your skin drink the beauty of Mother Nature.  What makes our skin care so special? The equation is simple: fresh homegrown and wildcrafted flowers, herbs and roots infused in oil, organic shea butter, Wilno spring water, essential oils and beeswax = healthy skin!

Bathing Oils: Decadent bath and body oils are handcrafted with gorgeous blends of pure essential oils and locally wild-harvested organic flowers in a base of premium oils. These oils feel exquisite on the skin, leaving it soft, supple and moisturized to perfection.

Hair Products: Give healing love to your hair and scalp with our medicinal, herbal concoctions. Created with wild-crafted stinging nettle and horse tail, organic apple cider vinegar, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil. Sigrid’s hair products are created to repair, strengthen, condition, give volume, and provide luster and shine to your beautiful mane.

Healing Salves: Every household needs at least one healing salve! Created using an ancient Egyptian method of infusing herbs, flowers and roots into oils, our healing salves are the best of the best. We use our own organic homegrown and wildcrafted plants from the forests and fields of the Ottawa Valley, the finest extra-virgin olive oil and beeswax from the happy bees at Tanglewood Honey. From cracked lips to eczema and everything in between, our herbs are here to heal your skin woes.

Mama and Baby: These products are handmade with love and formulated using simple, safe and effective recipes. Sigrid’s mama and baby products provide wholesome maternal care for you, your family and Mother Earth. Sixty percent of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. What better time than during pregnancy and baby rearing to use clean, nurturing and chemical free body products?

Perfumes+: Inhale and aromatherapize your body, mind and soul with our one-hundred-percent natural essential oil perfumes, spritzers and French lavender essential oil. Created with concentrated flowers and herbs, our aromas will lift your spirit and make you smell like a gorgeous, heavenly garden.

Body Butters: Created with the highest quality oils, Tanglewood beeswax and spring water, our body butters are lavishly luscious. The ultimate hydrating gift to your skin—healing, toning and euphorically scented with pure essential oils.

Sigrid Naturals
Diana Macauley and Sigrid Geddes

Inspired to Begin

Sigrid Naturals came into being in 2003, after community member Diana Macauley shared traditional knowledge with Sigrid about healing with wild plants and showed her how to make her first Comfrey Healing Salve. Sigrid’s hands-on learning brought on a sense of self empowerment that she has shared with hundreds of others with the intent to inspire and empower.

Sigrid Naturals is a socially minded business—equally committed to the economy, the community and the earth.

Wild and Home Grown Plants


At home…

We harvest wild and local plants sustainably and by-hand. We grow many of our own herbs and source ingredients like beeswax, honey, organic sunflower and hemp oils from local farmers. Local sourcing of ingredients helps support local small-scale farmers, reduces environmental foot-print and promotes healthy economic growth in rural communities.

Esencia NaturalAway…

Sigrid Naturals went from small-town Wilno to small-town San Pancho, Mexico—a Mexican fishing village famous for its pristine beauty, wild surf, lush jungle and unique community.

“I have had a long-standing love affair with the country, culture and people of Mexico, starting with a visit when I was sixteen. Out of a desire to share my craft combined with a deep love for Mexico, I made a project happen. In 2015-16, I spent the winter in San Pancho working with a youth entrepreneur program and the non-profit organization called Entreamigos. To this group, I taught the process of crafting handmade skin care, developing recipes and branding their products.”

Out of this process, Entreamigos developed Natural Essence Skin Care. It combines the traditional art of therapeutic skin treatments with an exotic blending of wild medicinal herbs, honey and cacao. These rich, creamy products are the creation of Sigrid Geddes and the young entrepreneurs of San Pancho—. All proceeds will go to the Scholarship Program for the members of the Youth Entrepreneur Project.

The goal of Natural Essence Skin Care is to create the finest natural skin care products infused with the essence of San Pancho, the jewel of Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, while at the same time supporting local farmers and education.

Education and Outreach

Education is the key to sustainable businesses. We work with marginalized women, at-risk youth, children and environmental groups. We also work very closely with a variety of non-profit organizations, like the Breast Cancer Support Fund and Environmental Defense. We support both the Causemetics and Just Beautiful Campaigns.


Sigrid Naturals works with the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund and has created a product called Warrior Woman First Aid Healing Salve. From each sale of Warrior Woman, $10 of is donated the fund.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is a national, volunteer-driven charitable organization dedicated to providing short-term financial assistance to breast cancer patients.The financial difficulties that follow a breast cancer diagnosis are well documented, but historically, very little attention has been paid to solving this problem. Most people don’t realize the financial toll of breast cancer includes lost wages, and a myriad of costs not covered by provincial or private health insurance. To name just a few, expenses include hospital parking, off-the-shelf medications, wigs, breast prosthetics, specialty bras, restorative therapies, therapeutic garments, and of course on-going costs of food and shelter.

Sigrid Geddes, Sigrid Natural Skin Care
Sigrid Geddes, founder of Sigrid Natural Skin Care

About Sigrid

Where I grew up in the hills around Killaloe and Wilno, Ontario, we didn’t have electricity. Nature was our entertainment. We swam naked in the pond, ate wild strawberries for breakfast and picked wildflower bouquets to give to anyone who would accept them.

My mother was a part of the back-to-the-land movement and is a fanatical nature lover. Not long after I learned to walk, she introduced me to plantain and its healing properties and the beauty of the Lady Slipper. Of course it wasn’t all Plantain and Lady Slippers, there were lots of sticks and stones too.

At 23, the craft of cream came to me literally by (car) accident and I fell in love with the hands-on process of digging earthy comfrey roots from the ground and creating a beautiful, healthy product. This gave me a creative and productive outlet to channel my early-twenties angst.

I’m neither an engineer nor a chemist. I am a person of the senses—aromas, textures, colours and feelings are how I operate. The lessons which have shaped me have not come from institutions or teachers, but from strangers in unlikely places, old friends with wild knowledge and Mother Nature. My passion to live life and explore has carried me far from home. Plains, trains, automobiles and hitchhiking from Mexico to France and now safe, sound, and happily back home to Wilno.

To be certain—my business is not separate from me, but is in fact a creative extension of who I am. Since the start, I haven’t viewed Sigrid Natural Skin Care through a business lense, but as a truthful path to create something whole and beautiful. In my work, I hope to build upon the wonders of this landscape and nurture space which strengthens community. Sharing the art of wild-crafted salves and creams is at the heart.

The Sigrid Naturals Boutique in Wilno

Our products are made in our little workshop located in the heart of Wilno, a village famous for its Polish heritage, pristine wilderness and creative community. Visit our sweet, high vibes boutique—the only place that you will find all of Sigrid’s products—and bring home a piece of the Ottawa Valley. We are open seven days a week in July and August, from 12 noon to 5 pm, and any other time by appointment. 613-756-7890 • 30 Burchat Street
, Wilno, Ontario, Canada