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Jackie McCaffrey and Sigrid Naturals
The Swag in that Bag
Part 2 — Sigrid Naturals
Jackie McCaffrey,
Holistic Nutritionist
April 2016

Natural Resources and Creativity
Help Local Community
Pembroke Daily Observer
April 2015

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Face Mapping
The Steven and Chris Show
March 2015

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How to Make All Over
Your Body Lotion
Queen of Green
February 2015

news-2015-02-01 at 4_34_47 PM_135x155
A Business that Heals
Kind Living
June 2014

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Be Kind to your Winter Ravaged
Skin with Sigrid Naturals
Moberly Natural Foods
November 2014

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Outlander Green Beauty
Make-up Guide
Life in Blush
October 2014

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Guide to Putting Your
Best Foot Forward:
Tender Tootsies

Borden Communications
September 2014

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What’s in my Drawer?
Elegantly Eco
August 2014

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5 Pregnancy Issues
No One Tells You About
June 2014

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The Healing Power of Bees:
3 Natural Products to have
on your Radar
Greenliving Online
June 2014

news-Picture 1_135x155
The best oils for
your face and when
you should use them

June 2014

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Product Love
Naturally Happi
April 2014

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Sigrid Naturals Loves You
Barefoot and Frolicking
February 2014

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Cracked ‘n’ Dry:
Battle of the Winter Skin Balms
Now Magazine
January 2014

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Sigrid Natural Skin Care:
Review of the Mama and
Baby Line

Mama Naturale
December 2013

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Butter Me Up
EcoCentric Guide
August 2013

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Pamper Yourself with a
Mommies First Care Package
Domesticated Momma
November 2013

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Meet our Natural Beauty
Guru: Sigrid of Sigrid Naturals
Mommies First
August 2013

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Go Green and Gorgeous
with these Eco-Beauty Finds
for Summer

Go Green Inside
July 2013

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5 Natural Bug Repellents
Everything Mom
June 2013

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Down the Garden Path
Canadian Gift Guide
June 2013

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De l’Ontario au Minervois
La semaine du Minervois
June 2013

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Summer Makeup Tips:
A Colourful Head Scarf

She Knows Canada
June 2013

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15 Beauty Brands
We Can Get Behind
Green Living
March 2013

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Best for Baby
March 2013

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Sigrid Natural Skin Care
Hippie Lace
February 2013

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From the Ottawa Valley!
613 Style
March 2013

Up close and personal:
100 mile bodycare + bonus
DIY recipe

Now Magazine
August 2012

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Taste of the Valley
CTV Ottawa
August 2012

Bye-Bye Bugs!
June 2012

Natural Hydrating and
Nourishing Body Lotion

January 2012

No More Dry Skin!
January 2012

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Solomon’s Seal Heals
Bones, Joints and Ligaments

Vitality Magazine
July 2010

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East vs. West
Now Magazine
March 2013

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Better Body Butter
Feel Good Guru
February 2012

Haul of the wild a crafty mix
Toronto Star
June 2009

Sigrid Natural Skin Care
My New Roots
October 2008