Our Team

Sigrid Geddes Sigrid Natural Skin CareSIGRID GEDDES
Founder and creator of the creamy herbal aromatherapeutic alchemy

Hola! A little about me… 1. Finding new ingredients to play and create with makes me present. Like fresh aloe—wow! Slimy and fun. Wild horse radish—spicy and freakin’ delicious. And another new favorite—apple cider vinegar, because it cures all! 2. Working with people on meaningful projects puts passion in my pockets. I envision a safer, more just and joyful world. 3. Friends, music, dancing and song-writing are my medicine. I hope you love how you feel when you use my products! Contact Sigrid.

Sigrid Natural Skin CareANNA JEAN

Someone once told me self-care is a form of activism. I believe that creating natural products—which make people feel strong, beautiful and nourished—is a way of changing the world. To be truly beautiful, we must feel it deep in our souls and by lovingly caring for ourselves we create strength to positively affect others and our planet. Sigrid Naturals builds me up and feeds my inner glow.

As a mother, I bring an appreciation for the daily process of making products, filling invoices and keeping the creamery and office running smoothly, but also a need for a skin care company that I can ethically support in the face of my daughter.

As a feminist, I bring a critique of the beauty industry and the effect it has on women. As an activist, I have an interest in connecting private-sector business and community projects—working for change, particularly involving women and girls. Finally as a musician, I bring a creative perspective and a lot of song.

It is exciting to be working as part of a company which values body-positive attitudes, ethical business practices and the environment. Being part of the Sigrid Naturals team feels like activism. Keep on singing!

Sigrid Natural Skin CareSHANTI NORDHOLT McPHEE
Beautique beautifier and conceptual creative inspiration

I love going for walks to soak up the natural splendor of the seasons as they unfold and photographing, as well as nature-collecting for crafts along the way. Nature is my biggest inspiration in creation. Beauty is the passion that fuels my life—observing it with gratitude, creating it, documenting it and sharing it! Happy to be part of Sigrid Naturals in this process of artistic expression.

Social Media Queen

I was raised in a free range, organic manner on a farm in the Ottawa Valley. Early on, I became fascinated with the idea that the wild plants around us could sustain, nourish and heal. Also in childhood, I developed a love of writing. Combining this reverence for nature and passion for research has resulted in many interesting types of work, such as designing college courses and writing newspaper columns. I’m thrilled to be part of the Sigrid Naturals Team, providing support with marketing and social media.

VW Lady bug van for sigrid naturalsTeam Ladybug out harvesting in the summer!

When in business my professional name is Lady Bug. When off duty they call me the Wild Strawberry. My job here at SNSC is to get the team from A to Z on their adventures, to the farmers market, to festivals, and to Mexico and home in one piece all the while gaining attention for this awesome little biz because I’m super cute and funky and colored red!

On my off time I enjoy chilling in the sun and catching the eyes of passers by.

Peace and love. LBWS