I Love Wilno Healing Balm


I Love Wilno Healing Balm

60 ml

With Comfrey and Calendula

Handmade with love in Wilno, the heart of the Madawaska Valley! This salve is crafted from herbs harvested from the gardens and wilds of Wilno, Ontario, Canada’s first Polish settlement.

It is made in honour of the Kashubian pioneers of this land. It is traditionally known to aid in the healing of skin ailments such as cuts, burns, bug bites, dry skin and much more. Use from head to toe to heal your skin woes.

INGREDIENTS: Comfrey and calendula grown in Sigrid’s naturally-organic gardens located in the village of Wilno, extra-virgin olive oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil.

I love Wilno — Healing Balm, in Polish and Kashub languages:
Kocham Wilno – Balsam Gojący
Kòchóm Wilno – Gòjący Balsam

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