Sigrid Naturals Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender Bath and Body Oil


Soothing and sensual. Immerse yourself with rose, queen of all oils—sensual, feminine, and beautifying. Infused with wild-harvested lilac and rose blossoms, this mélange leaves your skin supple, hydrated and delicately scented.

Product Description

Love Me Tender Bath and Body Oil

Rose and rose petals.

Additional Information


125 ml


Grapeseed oil (uva semen oleum) infused with rose (rosa) essential oil and wild-harvested lilac flowers


Place 3 heaping tablespoons of this elixir into a hot tub, light your candles and sink into bliss. This oil may also be used in the shower or for massage.




Relaxing, soothing and balancing.

Local Features

Rose blossoms.


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