Rose Blossom Face Cream


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Roses Blossom Face Cream


Nurture smooth and luminous skin with rose and myrrh. Recommended as a light moisturizing day cream for all skin types, especially reactive, dry, maturing or sensitive skin.

Our light, sweet‐scented cream, complete with the healing properties of rose and myrrh essential oils, will moisturize, tone and soothe your skin. Assists in reducing redness and irritation and heals damaged skin.

  • Calms and balances reactive skin
  • Soothes and heals redness caused by rosacea and eczema
  • Moisturizes and soothes skin
  • Improves elasticity and vitality
  • Strengthens capillaries
  • Protects skin from harsh weather and environmental pollutants
  • Astringent
  • Antibacterial
  • Light and hydrating

INGREDIENTS: Grapeseed oil, Wilno spring water, beeswax (Cera alba), rose (Rosa) and myrrh (Myrrh commiphora) essential oils.

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Weight 0.14950 kg
Dimensions 5 × 18 × 5 cm

60 ml

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8 reviews for Rose Blossom Face Cream

  1. Roxanne Williams

    Love your Rose Blossom Face Cream more than any other cream Ive ever tried, so delicately scented, its like inhaling a real rose direct from the blossom, I love the light texture as well, perfect for my sensitive skin. Thank you!!!

  2. : Ergela Fezollari (verified owner)

    I never write reviews but I am making an exception for these products as I believe in them wholeheartedly. Not only are Sigrid’s products made from natural ingredients, mostly local, but there is also the whole natural good old fashioned way of making these products that makes them stand apart from all the other mass-produced cosmetics that flood the market.
    Finally, the quality of the final product is incomparable to any cream that I have ever used.
    It makes my skin look and feel like a beautiful rose that blossoms in the morning and emits a wonderful perfume to the world.
    In addition, it has also improved my skin’s texture overall.
    Most importantly, the use of Sigrid’s products is part of my commitment to live naturally and in a sustainable way and not harm Mother Earth.

  3. Genevieve (verified owner)

    I love this cream for so many reasons. First is that it makes my skin look great – I love it when people doing my facials have nothing but good things to say about my skin.

    It it the perfect amount of moisture for my face in the summer (I have normal to dry skin, and this cream is a good balance).

    I also love, love the smell and experience of applying it. I am sensitive about additives, so normally end up with boring-smelling products. But this is a great cream for sensitive skin that still feels like a special ritual when I put it on.

    Finally, it feels good to put on a cream when I know what all of the ingredients on the label are.

    It’s really tricky to find beauty products that have ethical, environmentally sound (and frankly ingredients you can trust) that work. This is one of those products.

  4. Courtney

    It’s way too strong for work places that have a scent policy.

    • Beth Kennedy

      Hi Courtney… thanks for the heads-up! Nurture Nature is always a great option when having no scent is top priority!

  5. Courtney

    Yes,that one is good for work.

  6. MP

    Sigrid’s Rose Blossom Face Cream works wonders! It has completely evened out my skin tone – it’s so light with such a lovely fragrance. I have very sensitive skin, and this product, along with Sigrid’s other wonderful products, keeps me moisturized without any reactions. I am hooked for life!

    • Beth Kennedy

      Thank you MP for the glowing review! Pun intended! —Sigrid

  7. J’aimeclaire

    I have suffered from a terrible combination of acne and eczema for my entire life, and have tried pretty much everything imaginable to cure it, and this was the only thing that has worked. I will be ordering this forever.

  8. Evelyne

    I don’t know why, but this facial cream works like magic in my skin! I never used something so good! And I tried many brands. I don’t know how to explain the results, but it feels like younger and healthier skin.

    • Sigrid Geddes

      Hi Evelyne… so happy to hear the Rose Blossom is working for your skin! Oh… and where did you find out about my products? Thanks~~ Sigrid

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