Tidy Locks Styling Wax




Nurture gorgeous and healthy hair with horsetail, shea, cocoa and rosemary. Recommended for styling short hair, taming a frizzy fro, and strengthening damaged or fine hair.


Tidy Locks Styling Wax

Welcome healthy deliciousness to your hairstyling regime. Revitalize dry or damaged hair and feel both wildly stylish and tidy. High in silica, a hair strengthening mineral, this multi-purpose styling wax will increase the health and vibrancy of your hair.

• Increases the shimmer and shine of your locks
• Revitalizes and strengthens damaged hair
• Strengthens hair shaft
• Stimulates hair growth and scalp circulation

INGREDIENTS: Fair trade cocoa (Theobroma cacao) butter, extra-virgin olive (Olea europaea) oil infused with horsetail (Equisetum), beeswax (Cera alba), fair trade shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) butter and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essential oil.

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125 ml

Local Features

Wildcrafted horsetail and beeswax from Tanglewood Honey (Eganville).


Rich herbal chocolate medicine.


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